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What is a Hybrid Cloud Network Solution?

A Hybrid Cloud Network combines the features and strengths of Public and Private cloud services, giving you the best of both worlds! 

A Public Cloud balances out disadvantages of a Private Cloud by providing the easy ability to scale, allowing for unlimted storage, and is cost-efficient by allowing you to pay as you go. However, on their own, Public Cloud services lack security as they are accessible over the Internet and because they need to accommodate the general public, the set-up and features are universal for all users. 

A Private Cloud fills in the gaps missed by a Public Cloud by operating solely for your business therefore, increasing security and offering the benefit of a personalized experience. However, Private Clouds are more expensive because you are investing in a specific network for yourself. 

Best of Both Worlds

Using Private and Public Cloud Services together, you take advantage of all the good.

Flexibility and Scalability

Match your data management requirements to your business operations, with the ability to quickly adapt as your needs change!

Keep Sensitive Data Safe

Separate sensitive information, like finances or customer data, on a private cloud and run the rest of your enterprise applications on a public cloud allowing your employees to access appropriate the information whether they are working remotely or in the office.

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